Educational Programming

Guest Speakers/Presentations

The Camden County Historical Society staff are available as guest speakers to give presentations on topics of local history. Below is a list of some available topics; additional programs can also be prepared. Please contact our staff to schedule a presentation.

Records of the Camden County Historical Society

CCHS Library.jpg

An introduction to the historical and genealogical resources available at the Camden County Historical Society, useful for historians, genealogists, or anyone unfamiliar with the CCHS library. Presented by the CCHS Library Director, an experienced researcher and genealogist.

Black History in Camden County


This presentation traces the lives of African Americans in Camden County during the colonial era and the 19th century, including slavery, the Underground Railroad, and free Black communities, such as Saddlertown, Davistown, and Snow Hill (now Lawnside).

Suitcase Programs for Students

PLEASE NOTE: We are not currently offering the suitcase programs listed below. Please contact our staff for more information about current student programming.

Colonial Life

This program discusses colonial life in South Jersey through three different perspectives: European colonial settlers, Native Americans, and African slaves. Through authentic pieces from the period, students have an opportunity to learn about the different cultures that have influenced the region they live in.

The Underground Railroad

This program explores the history of the Underground Railroad in relation to South Jersey. Through the use of photographs and authentic pieces from the period, students have an opportunity to learn about this important historical event in relation to the region they live in.

Notable Women of Camden

Jessie Fauset.jpg

An introduction to some of the famous women of Camden County from the 17th century to today. Over the centuries, women of Camden County have risen to prominence as pioneers, patriots, preachers, doctors, suffragists, teachers, actors, authors, singers, activists, & countless other roles.

Early Industries of Camden

eavenson 1912.jpg

From the early 19th century to the early 20th century, Camden City was an industrial center. This presentation shares a sampling of the variety of businesses in Camden from 1820-1920, along with brief mention of the top three: New York Ship, Victor Talking Machine Co., & Campbell's Soup. 

Camden County/City History

This brief overview of Camden County/City history encompasses the history of this area from the 1600's to present day. This powerpoint presentation lecture can be presented to a variety of groups in several time lengths (30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour). 

Custom Topic Lecture

Have another topic you'd like featured as a lecture/powerpoint presentation? Please contact a representative from the Historical Society to see if it's possible!

In addition to historical topics, numerous genealogy research presentations are also available.